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You wish :
- To create or develop your activity.
- To structure  or manage  your real estate, professional or family property.
- To organize the transfer of your holdings.
Our mission is to provide you our support !

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family offices

Your wish is :
- To set up flexible tool, regulated or non-regulated, allowing you to manage the various investments of your clients.
- To allow your clients to rise the needed capital or to set up a club deal to realize their projects.
We are your partner !

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management companies and AIFM

You wish :
- To streamline the management of your client’s assets.
- To delegate part of your activity – administration and accounting and/or financing – to specialists.
We are available !

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You wish :
- To find the right partner for your high demanding clients.
- To sign a contract with an experienced fiduciary.
We offer you a wide range of services !

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international groups

You wish :
- To meet a team of experts in international transactions.
- To have professional support along your strategic transactions.
We can help you!

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Through essential values and with a common vision
Vo Consulting and Fidupar are combining their energies with enthusiasm.

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