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our services for SIF, SICAR and other AIF

Structuring and Legal Obligations

  • Incorporation of unregulated and regulated structures
  • Aide à la préparation de la documentation du FIS, de la SICAR ou autres FIA
  • Liaising with legal and tax experts
  • Liaising with the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF)

Registered Office

  • Providing companies with a registered seat
  • Organizing board meetings and annual general meetings and writing the minutes
  • Monitoring legal and regulatory reporting obligations
  • Keeping of the Issuing Document and other documents related to the SIF and SICAR

Transfer Agent

  • Maintenance of Shareholders / Unitholders register
  • Collecting and checking of complete KYC documentation
  • Reception and transmission of orders
  • Executing sales and redemptions of fund shares and units
  • Managing the issue, transfer, allotment, conversion, redemption and/or purchase of shares of the SIF

Central Administrative Agent

  • Net Asset Value calculation
  • Performance calculation
  • Drawing-up risk management reports
  • Analysis and FATCA reporting
  • Compliance reporting

Accounting Agent

  • Annual financial statements / fund accounting
  • Preparing and drafting consolidated accounts
  • Reporting under LuxGAAP, IFRS, INREV
  • Liaising with the Auditors

Tax Services

  • Preparing tax returns and annexes related to direct tax and VAT
  • Liaising with tax authorities
  • Liaising with tax advisors

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